UN City, Copenhagen 6 June 2019

“The most ambitious vision in the world” and “the biggest management challenge ever” are just a few of the catchphrases associated with the UN Global Goals.

Global Goals LIVE! presented business cases and tangible approaches to how the Global Goals are and can become excellent business opportunities and a new license to operate.

The Global Goals, which entered into effect on 1 January 2016 and comprise a total of 17 goals, cover a wide variety of detailed specifications. They define solutions to financial, social and environmental challenges, and they provide a unique tool for opening up new markets, innovation, recruiting young talents and not least for having a greater purpose.

Our declared mission is to stimulate engagement that puts the Global Goals on the business community’s agenda. During the year, we have involved VL-members in a number of forums where the potential of making the Global Goals a competitive factor has been visualized and rendered workable and where the CEO's will be urged to give the Goals a motivating and binding position in their business strategy.

This work culminated at the 2019 VL Summit.

It is more important than ever for us, as business leaders, to have a clear conception of our responsibility.

The Global Goals give us an opportunity to act and blaze new trails to a sustainable and stronger society and business - and to peace and justice in the World.


The Summit 2019 is arranged with UNICEF as partner

Lise Kingo

Jim Hagemann Snabe

Boyan Slat

Claus V. Hemmingsen

Bjarke Ingels

Christos Stylianides

Rikke Rønholt Albertsen


Thomas Kirk Kristiansen

Will Sarni

Jimmy Maymann

Mette Lykke

Eva Kruse

Anders Dons

Thomas Hofman-Bang

Torben Möger Pedersen

Meg Brown

Torben Huss

Katherine Richardson

Flemming Besenbacher

Flemming Jensen

Dan Boyter

Thorkil Sonne

Anders Top Haustrup

Christina Boutrup

Lars Sandahl Sørensen

Dr. Deborah Dunsire

Alexander Lacik

Sebastian Dawe

Geoff Kendall

Marcos Athias Neto

Aric Dromi

Michael Stausholm

Hans Axel Kristensen

Kasper Larsen

Anne-Louise Thon Schur

Niels Fibæk

Jesper Nygård,

Mark Watts

Thomas Ravn-Pedersen

Tania Holt

Philip Christiani

Løverne LIVE!

Mia Wagner

Jan Dal Lehrmann

Peter Warnøe

Jared Heymann


Charlotte Beder

Steffen Kretz

Pernille Enggaard

Carsten Topholt