About the Society


The Danish Management Society (VL) is a society comprising top executives from Denmark’s business community. Our objects clause is worded as it was articulated by the founders of the Society on 8 April 1965:


The Society has been set up to foster and encourage the knowlede and understanding of modern mangement principles. Accordingly, the Society aims to contribute to financial success, social progress and general improvement of the conditions of life in our country.


We therefore strive to enhance our members’ ability to shoulder not only managerial tasks, but also the unique responsibility instilled in business leaders as fellow citizens in the Danish society.


All told, we have about 4,000 members, organised into network groups (VL Groups) of some 30 – 40 members each. Membership is by invitation only. In other words, it is not possible to buy access to the Society.


What we do


The Society works particularly through VL Groups, which meet at regular intervals to share experiences and viewpoints across industries and sectors of the Danish society. We endeavour to inspire the dialogue within the individual Groups to not only deal with management issues, but also general societal conditions and the role of executives relating to this.


We convene meetings for members across the Groups and organise events that are also open to non-members. In addition, we take part in national and international organisations to the extent defined by the Governing Board and disseminate lessons learned and information achieved to our members and, if relevant, to others.


What we do not do


We do not run a commercial business which seeks to earn a profit; We do not have a political goal, and we do not represent any of our members’ special interests. The Society’s income and assets may solely be used to advance the Society’s objects.


Governing Board and Secretariat


The Society is managed by the Governing Board designated in accordance with current statutes. The Secretariat, which was created by the Governing Board, is at the disposal of members and the Board, and can mediate contact to – and between – the Groups. The Secretariat is also responsible for planning meetings for members and organising events hosted by the Society – across the Groups.

Dansk Selskab for Virksomhedsledelse

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