UN Global Goals – A Competitive Factor – HOW?

This page will provide you, a business leader, with the tangible insight, tools and inspiration you need in order to develop one or more global-goal initiatives that can optimise your company’s competitiveness.

The material is based on the Danish Management Society’s Annual Theme 2019: ‘UN Global Goals – A Competitive Factor’, the purpose of which, with the support of the Danish Industry Foundation, is to strategically approach the Global Goals and find the new business opportunities which they unlock.

We are now urging all business leaders to join the race to achieve the Global Goals by 2030 and to use – and not least share – the tools we have made available to you free of charge here.


Download the Global Goals Navigator (GGBN) App for Business Leaders

The GGBN app has been developed as a result of the Annual Theme surveys, reports and workshops. GGBN inspires business leaders to explore how helping to meet the UN Global Goals can generate value for their businesses.

Download McKinsey & Company’s SDG Guide for Business Leaders

McKinsey has developed a step by step guide for developing and executing a winning SDG strategy. The guide is a written result of the VL Annual Theme’s surveys and workshops. The ambition of the Guide is to inspire, engage, and make it easy to follow up and to track impact.

View Cases from the UN Global Goals workshops (in Danish)

Get inspired by cases from several of the Danish companies that hosted VL’s workshops about ‘UN Global Goals – A Competitive Factor’ throughout the year.

Download materials to facilitate UN Global Goals workshops

Keep up the good work and continue working with the UN Global Goals as a competitive factor at your business and plan or facilitate your own workshop. Materials can be downloaded here.

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Annual Theme 2019: UN Global Goals – A Competitive Factor – HOW?