McKinsey’s SDG Guide for Business Leaders

McKinsey has developed a step by step guide for developing and executing a winning SDG strategy. The guide is a written result of the VL Annual Theme’s surveys and workshops. 

The ambition of the Guide is to inspire, engage, and make it easy to follow up and to track impact:

First, organizations are encouraged to use the McKinsey Sustainability Compass to assess which SDGs will drive value creation and to set the strategic direction – Next, organizations should set themselves up for success by executing 4 actions:

  1. CEO, board, and owners must own the sustainability strategy.
  2. Key employees, customers, and stakeholders should be engaged.
  3. Top team performance measures should be introduced to unleash the energy in the organization.
  4. Sustainability should be made an ingrained part of the company culture and mission.

Lastly, desired impact should be defined and concrete initiatives should be detailed and prioritized, followed by creation of clear execution road maps and rigorous impact tracking using McKinsey’s 6-step approach.

(The Guide is free of charge and freely accessible – however we would be grateful, if you would credit as follows: The SDG guide for business leaders is developed by McKinsey & Company in cooperation with the Danish Management Society).