The Reboot


26th of October 2021


In The Queens Hall at The Royal Danish Library in Copenhagen, Denmark





REBOOT! COVID-19 instantly changed how we live and work and will change our behavior long after the pandemic has let go of our society. Companies as well as the public sector plunged into implementing digital technologies, new business models and new processes with an unprecedented acceleration. The office moved home – into the living room or the kitchen. Shopping and entertainment went on-line and the large gatherings and events went into standby mode. Hard pressed by the situation, we learned a whole new meaning of change and agility. Of social responsibility. Of self-leadership and virtual leadership. 

The actions we take today to restart the Danish society can create a successful cycle for new growth and accelerate digitalization and green transition. Experience from previous recessions reveals that this is not only possible, but in fact an habitual factor of the effect of recessions. 

In the coming months, all organizations will have to enter a restart phase, but the questions are numerous. What is the best we can learn from the crisis? Should our business model have a service overhaul? Do we need to change our operational capacity, and does the supply chain have sufficient links to respond to future global shocks? What are the strengths and weaknesses of our organization and organizational culture? Or of our leadership values? 

Several new companies and old, established organizations have been forced to reconfigure their product and service, recalibrate their customer database, and completely change their action plans and strategies. 

Successful companies and organizations will be able to restart strongly if they embrace the new normal with the right mindset, strategy and culture in place. The important transition to a successful new normal will depend on leaders being able to see the new opportunities and not least having the courage to reboot and set the new course. 

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Gerd Leonhard

The Future beyond Corona - the next 3-5 years

Märtha Rehnberg

Rebooting The Economy in an era of Planetary Decay?

Märtha Rehnberg

Ole Green

How do we Accelerate Green Growth and Export?

Sebastian Koks Andreassen

13:50 How do we Accelerate Green Growth and Export?

Poul Due Jensen

13:50 How do we Accelerate Green Growth and Export?

Christopher Sorensen

13:50 How do we Accelerate Green Growth & Export?

Anne Louise Eberhard

15:15 Rebooting Leadership & Business

Jakob Riis

15:15 How do we Accelerate Green Growth and Export?

Henrik Fisker

15:15 Rebooting Leadership & Business

Nina Østergaard Borris

15:15 Rebooting Leadership & Business

"...The World moves faster and faster in that direction and we want to be part of the entire Sustainability Agenda"

Brian Mikkelsen

15:15 Rebooting Leadership & Business

Thomas Ravn-Pedersen

Michael Bang Petersen

16:00 How do we Emerge Stronger from the Pandemic?

Michael Bang Petersen

Scott Galloway

16:15 Post Corona - From Crisis to Opportunity

Felicity Aston

17:00 Explorers Mindset - How can leaders embrace an explorers mindset and build productive habits to tackle extreme conditions and the unknown.

Felicity Aston

Morven McLean

Clement Behrendt Kjersgaard

Lars Lokdam

Lisbeth Knudsen