A Post Corona Perspective


A Post Corona Perspective

The virtual VL Summit 2020 was a huge success. Our members praised the two and a half hours video event. However, they mentioned that the one thing they missed was the social aspect.

As it would be a demanding exercise to arrange an international concert bringing together musicians from the USA, Great Britain, and Denmark to perform together, the Virtual VL Summit required intense preparations to make sure everything went smoothly. Participants in the online conference met by video link co-ordinated from a studio in Copenhagen, in co-operation with Jyske Bank.TV.

After all the work that went into preparing the event, the sense of relief was tangible in the steering committee the following day. The VL Summit had gone according to plan and without a hitch even down to the smallest detail. In fact, it only added to the intensity of the experience that members had to participate from a distance.

“Of the total of 1100 people who had signed up, 700 participated, and that is beyond our best expectations. The virtual meeting was a really good alternative to the traditional VL Summit, and I was impressed with the great level of engagement and the many good questions from our members,” says Ida Bratting Kongsted, CEO of the Danish Management Society (VL).

“This success is making us consider if we should change the way we will arrange meetings in the future,” she adds.

“It’s definitely food for thought. Maybe the future of the Summit will be a strong combination of physical and virtual meetings,” says Ida Bratting Kongsted, who appreciates the many positive evaluations she has received from attendees. Evaluations show that 94 per cent of participants were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with this year’s virtual VL Summit.

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