The Danish Management Society (VL) brings together Denmark’s top business and governmental minds.

“The Society has been set up to foster and encourage the knowledge and understanding of modern leadership. Accordingly, the Society aims to contribute to financial success, social progress and general improvement of the conditions of life.” – 8th of April 1965

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Back to School

Competencies for the future!


1. JUNE 2017 – 08.00AM – 12.00PM

The 2017 Annual Danish Top Executive Summit and Copenhagen Business School (CBS) welcome everyone “Back to school” on Thursday 1 June 2017, during the university’s centenary anniversary year.

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On Thursday 1 June 2017, the 2017 Annual Danish Top Executive Summit and Copenhagen Business School welcome everyone “Back to School” during the University’s centenary year.

We start the day “at school” with a series of lectures, seminars and group projects featuring astute business profiles, professors and CBS students, who challenge you and inform you of the skill-sets needed for tomorrow. In the afternoon, after “the lunchtime break”, prominent speakers spotlight the future to give you an appreciation of how you will be able to take on global challenges and problems, particularly if you have future-oriented expertise in the fields of digitalization and innovation.

Two generations converge at the Annual Danish Top Executive Summit: The young millennials (the future) represented by students whose curiosity and drive can inspire Summit attendees; and established business leaders (experience), whom students can aspire to be like and draw on. This will generate new energy where the past, present and future converge and can stimulate innovative solutions to societal challenges.

The Steering Committee for the 2017 Annual Danish Top Executive Summit comprises the following members:
Professor Peter Møllgaard, CBS; Professor Flemming Poulfelt, CBS; Professor Thomas Ritter, CBS; René Steffensen, Campus Director of CBS in cooperation with Thomas Skinnerup, Anne W. Suhr and Louise Seest, all of whom are from CBS.

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“Many of our members have studied or worked at CBS and many students are interested in working at one of the companies represented by our members. […] There is keen focus on the skill-sets needed by companies to avoid being left behind by developments that are accelerating right now in the field of digitisation.”

Jens Wittrup Willumsen

Chairman of the board

“In an organisation like the Red Cross, we must always be ready to act and be agile. This is why we, as managers, need to seek inspiration at all times. And I expect to be inspired at the Annual Danish Top Executive Summit.”

Hanna Line Jakobsen

President, Danish Red Cross

“‘Back to School’: can anyone imagine a more inspiring headline for this year’s Annual Danish Top Executive Summit? Don’t we all dream of returning to the inspiring study environment for a while? And at one of the Danish business community’s most important educational institutions at that.”

Jørgen Tang-Jensen


"The Annual Danish Top Executive Summit provides an informal setting where I can meet top executives from other major Danish companies and find new inspiration. It is an event for which there is (almost) always space in my calendar."

Flemming Besenbacher

Chairman, Carlsberg