Virtual Series – Episode 5 – Digital Resilience

Digital Resilience


WEDNESDAY 14 APRIL 2021 at 08.30 the fifth episode of VL's virtual Digital Reshaping-series; DIGITAL RESILIENCE was held with Clement Kjersgaard and his guests: David Lloyd, General Manager, UK, Netherlands & Nordics, Alibaba Group, Nana Bule, CEO, Microsoft Denmark, Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen, Deputy Secretary General, OECD and Thomas Lund Sørensen, Director Centre for Cyber Security, Denmark.

DIGITAL RESILIENCE is the fifth episode of VL's virtual DIGITAL RESHAPING series. DIGITAL RESHAPING is about creating a much more robust and resilient world. The Corona crisis is not the last crisis which will shake everything from our perception of health and well-being to cybersecurity and supply chains in the international business and trade. Our society is becoming more and more dependent on digital infrastructure, secure data transactions, secure data centers and crypto technologies. This change requires strong and responsible leadership and a tech industry which meets the increasing global demands to fight cyber-crime.