On Thursday, 22 December 2022 at 16:00-19:00, VL is pleased to host our Annual Christmas Gathering at Nimb in the Tivoli Gardens.

All international VL members as well as Danish VL group chairmen are invited to an interesting and highly topical afternoon focused on a Global Update for 2022.

Your spouse and children up to 18 years of age are welcome, and VL will provide them with access passes to Tivoli Gardens while you, as a VL member, are invited to take part in the formal dialogue in the room Rotunden at Nimb.

All other VL members are of course invited to take part in the event online through our live stream via Zoom.

Most corporate experts and political analysts agree that the world is in an unpredictable and unstable state, and that the balances of power are shifting now. This entails long term consequences for business and security policies. The unpredictability that our companies are experiencing for the moment, as well as the possibility to navigate it, will be our main theme at our Global Update 2022. The afternoon’s panel of interesting speakers will build on – and explore – which topics have specific impact on our businesses in Denmark as well as our Danish businesses abroad. The dialogue will touch on topics such as the war in Ukraine – including production flow and supply chains for Danish companies. We will also focus on the ongoing inflation, the continued green transition (versus) the tech development, the lack of appropriate labour force in certain industries, and last, but not least, the remaining threat of COVID-19.

We have created a line-up of highly competent and interesting panel speakers for the afternoon. As always, our perspective is business oriented with a special focus on Danish companies at home and abroad. In addition to an update on the current geopolitical situation, we want to give you an insight into the Danish business and foreign policy scene, which, by Christmas time, probably will look somewhat different and hopefully be more clarified than right now shortly after the Danish parliamentary election.

During the event, you will be invited to contribute with both questions and comments.

You can sign up (in Danish) for the VL Annual Christmas Gathering 2022 already!

Participation in the event is free of charge, but there are limited seats, so sign up takes place on a first come, first serve basis.


Michael Zilmer-Johns

Chairman of the Danish Government’s Security Policy Analysis Group

Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae


Søren Pap-Tolstrup


Mette Maix


Lisbeth Knudsen

Strategy Director Altinget and Monday Morning, former Editor in Chief and commentator.


Ida Brattting Kongsted


Bernstorffsgade 5
1577 København

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Tentative programme

04:00 PM

30 min

Welcome & Christmas greetings with family

04:30 PM

120 min

Global Update 2022 - click to read more

06:30 PM

30 min

Champagne & networking

04:00 PM - 30 min
Welcome & Christmas greetings with family
04:30 PM - 120 min
Global Update 2022 - click to read more

Global Update 2022 – including:

-Michael Zilmer-Johns provides an update based on the ’Zilmer Report’: ”Danish Security and Defence towards 2035”.

-Business panel discussion: "What are the current global challenges for Danish companies – what do they mean and how do we navigate them?" w/
Sanna Suvanto-Harsaae
Søren Pap-Tolstrup
Mette Maix

06:30 PM - 30 min
Champagne & networking