A Competitive Advantage






A Competitive Advantage

Annual Theme 2020

”Responsible Business is the responsibility of each of you”

Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Founder af Alliance of Democracies. Fhv. Statsminister og Generalsekretær for NATO, Alliance of Democracies

With this year’s theme: ‘Responsible Business – A Competitive Advantage’, we’re expanding on last year’s theme with an important perspective on the Global Goals.

The journey continues. With the theme ‘Responsible Business – A Competitive Advantage’, we’re seizing the initiative to focus on responsibility as a part of corporate strategy and as a viable model for competitive business management. This theme is a logical next step after last year, where we set the agenda for Danish businesses with the theme ‘The UN Global Goals as a Competitive Factor’, which was made possible by a donation from The Danish Industry Foundation.

As we move towards 2030, The Danish Management Society (VL) hopes that Danish businesses will be inspired by the perspectives of the theme to become global role models in corporate social responsibility, which is necessary in order to gain a strong, long-term competitive advantage.

Businesses find themselves under increasing pressure to not only operate according to the law, but also for them to accept a moral and ethical responsibility for society, diversity, the global climate, and responsible use of new technologies. This pressure is applied by both customers and the next generation of employees, who are increasingly basing their decisions on how companies are acting in positive or negative ways.

For this reason, we would like to use this year’s theme to encourage all members of The Danish Management Society to get involved and actively engage with the topic of ‘Responsible Business – A Competitive Advantage’.



Årstema 2020 møder & workshops

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Speakers & hosts

Brad Smith

Casper Klynge

Nana Bule

Bjørn Ingemann Bisserup

Peter Vinther Christensen

Thomas Lund-Sørensen

Martin Bøge Mikkelsen

Kenneth Pedersen

Jens Østergaard

Jan Werner Jensen

Claus Møller

Peder Tuborgh

Michael Lundgaard Thomsen

Medlem af VL 8

Berit Behring

Søren Skou

Lisbeth Knudsen

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